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    The Classifieds area is for the sale of personally owned items. It is not designed as a vehicle to promote commercial businesses.

    A member desiring to post a "for sale" or "for trade" ad must have a post count of at least 25. The bulk of these posts should be "quality" posts and not be simply one-liners to inflate post count. This requirement is in place to help reduce scammers. There is no post count minimum for a buyer. Members offering items who do not meet the post count minimum will have their ad(s) removed.

    All sales/transactions must conform with local law. It is up to each member involved in a transaction to be aware of the laws affecting their item.

    The sale of firearms and parts shall only be conducted between parties who reside in the same country. No international sales of such items are allowed on this forum.

    Forum staff will not intervene in a transaction gone bad. As such, it is up to each member to do their own due diligence when engaging in a sale/trade.

    Ads may be removed or closed by forum staff for violations of the Classified Rules without notice to the offending member.

    1) When placing an ad, please insert WTS (Want to Sell), WTB (Want to Buy), WTT (Want to Trade), or something similar, in the title of the ad. This lets readers know what you are desiring to do. It also helps to keep the classified area organized properly.

    2) In the description in your ad, you must include your location. City/State is ideal. If you are not comfortable in publicizing the city in which you live, you must specify the general area within your state. Simply listing the state (alone) is not sufficient.

    3) Any "for sale" or "for trade" ad must include photos of the item that is being offered. An offer to email or text photos does not meet this requirement.

    4) Any item that is being sold must include a price. If you don't have a price in mind, and you are looking for "best offer" only, be sure to say so in your ad.

    5) Place the ad in the appropriate category. Posting an ad in multiple categories (cross-posting) is not allowed.

    6) A member may have no more than three (3) "open" classified ads at any one time. An ad, however, is allowed to contain multiple items of any amount.

    7) An ad may not contain links to sales/auctions outside of the Talk Firearms forum. This includes, but is not limited to, auction sites or websites belonging to commercial entities.

    8) An ad may be "bumped" by the original poster (OP) every 24 hours.

    9) The Classifieds area is not a discussion area, so conversation/comments should be reduced to a minimum. Questions related to an item may be made within the thread but offers and discussion of price should be done via Private Messaging (PM).

    10) Negative comments about an item's price or that an item can be found elsewhere for a better price (thread trolling) is not allowed. Engaging in such activity may result in a member being banned.

    11) Items being placed within the Classified area should be somewhat related to the overall content of Talk Firearms. Items such as knives, prepping supplies, archery items may be sold/listed within the non-firearms area. The classifieds are not for getting rid of toys, household goods, etc. Illegal and (perceived) immoral items are also not allowed.

    12) Members placing an ad are expected to keep the ad up-to-date. This not only includes replying appropriately to inquiries, it also includes updating the ad's status. If an item is sold, traded, withdrawn, etc., the original poster shall note it as such by editing the title of the ad and the original ad itself. This allows other members and staff to stay informed about the ad's status and do housekeeping when needed.

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