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    In preparation for our move to Louisiana in September I have been going thru some of my junk in the attic.
    I always seem to have a knack for collecting stuff that would become valuable years later.
    About 25 years ago I had over 13 video arcade machines. I kept lots of spare parts.
    I sold almost all of the machines off after my wife informed me that someday we would have 'real furniture':rolleyes:.
    When I was scrounging for parts in the late 80's I came across a guy that was gutting and re-gaming Star Wars machines. I got a couple of machines to save from the carnage and gathered up armloads of free circuit boards that were headed to the dump.
    I liked to keep a spare board-set for everything.
    I had 3 of these Star Wars board sets and got in a tight for money about 15 years ago and sold one on Ebay.
    They cannot be replicated and if you need one, you are SOL with a large piece of pretty junk staring at you:

    Anyway, 15 years ago, after the hair-pulling was over, the board set fetched $965. The buyer was overjoyed.
    They really like the "Tested, Warranted" part of the title:cool:.
    I'll be putting up the other tested, working, sets in the near future. (part of my 'retirement plan'):

    Oh yeah, they're tested & working:D:
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